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Our electric outboards offer the perfect combination of performance and reliability

At RAD Propulsion we are redefining the future of the maritime industry on an individual and commercial level with our pioneering electric propulsion systems. We are motivated by the core values of environmental sustainability as well as optimal performance across the water.

Smooth navigation

By using electric power, RAD electric outboards have an instantaneous torque that delivers superior manoeuvrability. This translates to increased fuel efficiency and reduced wear in challenging waters. Our electric outboards elevate this further with unmatched throttle control and drive-by-wire steering.

Environmental impact

Unlike traditional outboards, our advanced electric propulsion systems produce zero emissions and have a near-silent operation. This translates to a significantly reduced ecological footprint that helps to preserve marine life and improve air quality.

Improved safety

Electric outboards enhance user safety on the water compared to combustion. Our clean and quiet motors are manufactured with a non-flammable and waterproof battery that eliminates any threat of engine fires. RAD's commitment to safety is unwavering and this has been reflected in our choice to develop high-performance electric outboards.
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Performance enhancement

In addition to pioneering a clean and sustainable outboard, our propulsion systems also benefit from the superior performance of electric. The RAD 40 utilises instantaneous torque for rapid acceleration and exceptional throttle response, with minimal vibration, enabling a dynamic and engaging boating experience.

Energy efficiency

Electric propulsion has the benefit of superior energy efficiency when converting electrical energy into mechanical power. For our RAD engines, this translates to extended range and reduced refuelling needs, ultimately promoting a more sustainable transportation model with a minimised energy footprint.

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