A radically different outboard

Designed from the ground up to take advantage of all the benefits of electric propulsion.

  • 40 kW of continuous power
  • 400 V architecture, fast charging companiable
  • Compact footprint maximises usable space
  • Manoeuvring made easy with 180° steering (±90°)
  • Precise control with drive-by-wire throttle and steering
  • Ultra-low maintenance

Intuitive. Connected. Sustainable. Safe.

RAD 40 highlights

Compact design

Smaller than its conventional equivalent, the RAD 40 remains behind the transom when tilted up. Designed so that the motor doesn’t intrude into the vessel’s deck space.

Advanced 180° steering

Fully integrated, 180 degree drive-by-wire electric steering for easy docking in even the most testing conditions.

Closed circuit cooling

With no intakes to clog or risk of broken impellers, the RAD 40 cooling system requires no maintenance.

60 hp equivalent

40 kW of electric power providing equivalent thrust to a 60 hp petrol outboard. The high torque axial flux motor is perfectly paired with bespoke propellers to deliver exceptional acceleration.

Fast charging

The 400 Volt architecture is fully compatible with the growing network of fast chargers. RAD can provide battery systems from 20 to 240 kWh or work with you to integrate your choice of battery.


Precise throttle

The highly responsive fully digital RAD throttle provides control in every situation. It features a neutral safety mechanism and illuminated tilt and trim buttons.

RADBus control system included

Complete drive-by-wire control system and cables for easy installation.

Smart steering

To compliment the 180° steering on the RAD 40, a smart steering wheel is used with variable resistance and adaptive mapping – limiting the steering angle at high speeds.

VCU iso perspective RAD 40


The RADBus system provides all the data and connectivity you need with NMEA2000, Wi-Fi and GSM

RAD40 S&L ortho

Shaft lengths

Available in long and short shaft options to accommodate vessel requirements.

Completely watertight

Tested to IP67 standards to offer complete reassurance if fully submerged.

What is RADBus?

RADBus is a complete plug and play digital control system provided with the RAD 40.

RADTag Hall Effect

Find out how the RAD 40 will fit your craft

RAD 40 Specification


40 kW continuous

Operating voltage

400 Vdc

Shaft lengths options

Short and long

Max propeller RPM



98 kg (SL) 104 kg (LL)

Excluding battery and power distribution

Steering angle


Electro hydraulic



Recommended battery capacity

20 - 61 kWh

Optional RAD battery packs or support offered to customer sourced solutions

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