Decarbonisation. Electrification. Automation.

RAD40 RADBus System

We deliver complex marine technology projects for a range of clients.

RAD undertakes the following services:

  • Concept development
  • Integration engineering
  • Prototyping and trials
  • Fundamental research and desktop studies
  • Systems and safety engineering
  • Technical and business due diligence

What we do

At RAD, we’re passionate about driving sustainability in the marine industry. We achieve this by supporting ambitious projects seeking electric drive and system engineering solutions. We partner with forward-thinking companies who are committed to reducing their environmental impact by transitioning to electric propulsion systems.

Working with us

We have a proven track record of working with partners from across the industry. From commercial, R&D, government and leisure our experienced team will assist you to ensure our systems deliver your requirements.

What our customers say…

Sarah Fear. Plymouth University

As a partner, RAD epitomise our values and are passionate about harnessing new technology to make a lasting and positive impact on the marine environment.

Jon Partridge. RS Electric

We ordered the RAD 40 while still in development as we saw its potential and wanted our boats to be one of the early adopters of this revolutionary propulsion system.

Bob Stephens. Stephens Waring Design

RAD impressed us with their expert engineering knowledge and attention to detail. The RAD 40 with its standout design makes it the ideal choice for our high spec boat.

Our Expertise

Why choose to work with RAD for your project?

Marine engineering
Automation and robotics
System integration