Top five reasons an electric outboard makes sense

Top five reasons an electric outboard makes sense

From the launch of the first Tesla to the continued development of electric powered trains, there’s been plenty of talk over the past decade about switching to cleaner power sources, and for good reason. It is critical to the future of the marine industry. While boat propulsion systems have traditionally been petrol-powered, advances in electric outboard technology have led to an increasing number of owners deciding to make the switch to electric propulsion. Add to this, the continued government regulations around petrol motors to reduce carbon emissions – some countries like the Netherlands are set to ban fossil fuel boats by 2025 – and forecasts are now predicting that the number of boat owners will grow by 12.9% between 2022-2032.

Despite this, there are still plenty of misconceptions about the capability, costs, and reliability of an electric-powered outboard that might leave some marine enthusiasts on the fence about whether or not to make the switch. We want to change that. In this blog, we will explain some of the reasons why it makes sense for boat enthusiasts to consider investing in an electric outboard motor.

Smoother navigation

Arguably, one of the key factors in any outboard motor is its navigation and performance through different waterways. For those who chose an electric motor, you’re in luck. Thanks to the use of a battery as opposed to traditional combustion methods, an electric outboard motor provides the best boating experience. Response time is significantly improved and unlike petrol motors – which have a small delay between the throttle movement and motor response – electric outboards respond from the moment the throttle is applied.

Electric motors like the new RAD 40 electric outboard from RAD Propulsion are also specifically built with unique advanced steering capabilities. The precise throttle control and drive-by-wire steering features offer increased control across a waterway and easy and simple navigation. Thanks to its lightweight design and use of battery over combustion power, RAD 40 also minimises the vibrations of the boat across the water, making for a much calmer and smoother on the water experience.

Emission-free and clean

Fresh air, a good dose of vitamin D, and stress reduction surrounded by calming waters are just a few of the benefits that come with being on a boat. Yet plenty are unaware of the impacts that petrol-powered boats can have on air and water quality – through the release of polluting substances like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Electric outboard motors on the other hand are clean, efficient, and fully sustainable as they release no environmentally harmful emissions and are carbon-neutral vessels. Thanks to the electric advantage you’re not only breathing in clean air and avoiding the fuel and exhaust smells but you’re also helping to maintain the waterways and protect the local aquatic and marine environment.

With the ever-increasing government support for zero-emission boating, not to mention the increasing climate crisis we find ourselves in, there is a real desire to be greener in day-to-day activities and reduce emissions. RAD Propulsion offers the perfect solution. Unlike alternative motors which are designed just for operation, the RAD 40 electric outboard has been tailored to provide both environmentally clean power as well as a high-performance output that can provide system solutions to a range of boat configurations. As we see more areas like lakes and river ban the use of combustion engines the move to electric will become the only future for boating.

Improved safety

Safety is perhaps one of the most important factors when using a boat. Whether it be from the lack of response time afforded by the steering or the flammable combustion engine fuels, minimal safety assurance means you and your passengers are at unnecessary risk. While safety maintenance will always be fundamental to the marine industry, Electric outboards from the outset provide far fewer risks thanks to their use of a non-flammable and waterproof battery. This greatly reduces risks like fires as well as any potential for the battery to shut off from water damage. Instead, your experience is solely about the beautiful views and fantastic memories as opposed to combustion engine-based safety concerns.

Confidence and reliability

Thanks to the direct drive technology of an electric outboard there are fewer moving parts to go wrong reducing the time and cost of maintenance. Imagine not having to have a pull cord to start your outboard, and not dealing with the anxiety associated with that – will it or won’t it start? and the ability to get it to started if you’re not as able bodied. With the touch of a button or flick of a switch an electric outboard will be up and running, and even those less confident around boats will feel in control and ready to start their journey with ease. The RAD 40 makes installation a breeze thanks to its lightweight and neat form. There is no requirement for external steering gear and connections, you are ready to get on the water almost instantly.

Quieter operation

The boating industry has long been bogged down by large and loud engines that require passengers to shout just to hear one another. Thankfully, with the emergence of electric-powered boats that’s quickly in the process of changing. Unlike internal combustion engines, electric propulsion leaves little to no noise pollution. This means that the local wildlife will not be disturbed and scared away from their local habitat, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy the tranquil waters and calming sounds of your surroundings.

The electric advantage

As individuals, businesses, and governments begin to commit further to carbon-neutral and emission-free propulsion, it’s no surprise that more and more boat enthusiasts are beginning to make the switch from traditional internal combustion engines. With the numerous advantages offered by an electric outboard, there’s no doubt that in the near future waterways will see a growing population of electric-powered vehicles. It simply makes sense for our future.

If you’re interested in the RAD 40 electric outboard motor from RAD Propulsion, have a question, or are simply looking for expert industry advice, contact our team of experts today.