Hidden gems of the UK coastline

Hidden gems of the UK coastline

So picture this, you’ve finally switched out your old combustion boat for the electric advantage and the promise of eco-friendly adventures on the water awaits! But as you begin your journey across the waterways with this newfound sustainability, you might find yourself wondering ‘Where do I go first?’ With over 19,000 miles of coastline to explore and an Indian Summer approaching, you’ve certainly got your work cut out to see the best of the UK.

Luckily for us boating enthusiasts, there are plenty of hidden gems in the UK that are tailor-made for electric boat users. From secluded coves with pristine postcard sands to mysterious sea caves echoing local history, there’s a world of natural beauty, relaxation and wildlife waiting ahead. To make things a little bit easier, our team here at RAD Propulsion has put together this guide to the UK’s hidden gems dotted along the stunning coastline. Join us on an exciting journey as we unveil some of the most enchanting coastal wonders that are best experienced by an electric boat.

Hidden Gem 1: Newton Creek – Isle of Wight

Newtown River is a large natural inland harbour, with plenty of secluded spots and areas to explore With resident seals all year round it’s the perfect place to visit by electric boat to get close to nature.

Birdwatchers will also discover that an electric-powered journey to Newton Creek is an absolute delight. There is an array of bird species thriving in its many diverse habitats and if you’re really lucky you might even spot one of the white-tailed eagles that were reintroduced into the area in the last few years. It’s here where you realise that the choice of an electric outboard makes sense. Electric propulsion systems such as the innovative RAD 40 from RAD Propulsion have been tailor-built to deliver both performance and an environmentally clean and quiet journey across the water. This provides the precise throttle and steering needed to carefully explore the beauty of Newton Creek without disturbing the native wildlife.    

Hidden Gem 2: Chapman’s Pool – Dorset

For electric boat users looking for complete tranquillity across the waterways and wanting to experience something new, a trip to Chapman’s Pool is just for you. This hidden gem – tucked neatly on the shores of Dorset – is engulfed by the soft sound of waves gently passing by the vessel, allowing its visitors to immerse themselves in the soothing embrace of the sea. There is also little sign of human habitation, with an unspoiled beauty that lends itself to quiet contemplation in the delights of isolation. And when the sun sets? – There’s nothing else like it. Electric outboard users are treated to a spellbinding display of colours that transform the horizon into a painter’s canvas. The breathtaking display, mirrored in the tranquil waters, creates a truly captivating and romantic atmosphere that is best enjoyed from the deck of an electric boat.

And take it from us, a journey to Chapman’s Pool in an electric-powered vessel is one that debunks all of the outdated electric boating myths. Not only is the surrounding Dorset location leading the way in terms of electric boat charging infrastructure, but electric boat systems themselves are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Providing everything and more you need to relax on your journey to this hidden gem.

The RAD 40 systems as an example, are inbuilt with innovative smart technologies. The RAD Bus drive-by-wire system and RAD Link connecting signal enable solutions like battery management, simplified motor control and Bluetooth app connectivity – ensuring you stay one step ahead on your quest across the opulent location.

Hidden Gem 3: Skomer Island – Pembrokeshire

Skomer Island, located just off the southwestern coast of Wales, is a captivating gem in the United Kingdom’s Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This small, uninhabited island spans around 2.92 square kilometres and is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse wildlife – a sanctuary of natural wonders if you will.

Approaching Skomer Island by boat, visitors are welcomed by dramatic cliffs that rise from the turquoise waters of the Celtic Sea. The rugged coastline is adorned with vibrant wildflowers during the warmer months, creating a picturesque backdrop for the island’s rich biodiversity. Speaking of which, the island’s most famous inhabitants are its seabirds – with the island becoming a bustling seabird city during the breeding season. Simply anchor your electric boat in the sheltered waters surrounding the island and immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of crashing waves and seabird calls.

Skomer Island is also a paradise of preservation. With limited daily visitor numbers given access and a desire for guests to practice responsible boating, the island is the perfect hidden location for cleaner and emission-free electric outboards. The RAD 40 electric outboard doesn’t rely on dirty and flammable combustion fuel, making for a much safer journey along the natural ecosystem as well as safer for electric boat users themselves.   

Hidden Gem 4: Elender’s Cove – South Devon

Last up on the journey of hidden treasures are the mesmerising landscapes of Elender’s Cove. Sat peacefully between two different cliff heads, the cove can be something of a challenge to spot at a first glance. But as you move closer across the waterways in your electric boat, a breathtaking panorama of rugged cliffs, lush greenery, and secluded beaches unfolds before you. Here as the boat gently cuts through the waves, you’ll feel a sense of escape, leaving behind the stress of everyday life.

Elender’s Cove is also renowned for its fascinating local history to be explored from the water. While we won’t spoil everything, just some of the historical landmarks you can look forward to seeing are the remnants of old coastal defences along the rugged cliffs and headlands, as well as the different shipwreck sites highlighting the maritime challenges of old

The electric advantage

With so many fantastic places to explore across the UK, it’s no surprise that more and more maritime enthusiasts are beginning to realise the benefits that electric propulsion can bring. From exploring the serene waters of Newton Creek to experiencing the enchanting beauty of Elender’s Cove, there’s so much of nature to be explored through the electric advantage and what better time to do so than the upcoming Indian summer?