We provide turn-key electric drive systems for boat builders

The RAD system

RAD 40 motor

A radically different outboard for leisure and commercial boats. Its super compact and lightweight design maximises space onboard and integrated 180 𝇈 steering makes docking easier.

RAD 40 Steering

Advanced steering

Drive-by-wire steering with digitally controlled variable resistance. Adaptive mapping compliments steering.

Precise throttle

The highly responsive fully digital RAD throttle provides precise control in every situation. It features a neutral safety mechanism and illuminated tilt and trim buttons.

RADTag Hall Effect


An intelligent key and safety stop lanyard for complete customer confidence.

21kWh & 61kWh on Trans

Fast charging batteries

The right size and shape to fit boats, RAD batteries are available in 21 kWh and 61 kWh sizes. All in one solution.

RAD systems are adaptable and supported for customer projects


We are pioneers of sustainable marine products that don't compromise on quality or user experience. We produce electric drives and robotic systems which are able to deal with the extreme conditions of the marine environment.

Bespoke design

Our specialist in-house team works alongside the customer to ensure the RAD system delivers the best in both form and function.

Durable and robust

At RAD, our product engineering goes above and beyond the standard when it comes to testing. ⁠We are constantly putting our systems through their paces applying the most up-to-date and rigorous safety standards.

Customer focus

We support both commercial and leisure partners from concept, detailed design, installation and lifelong support. We have expertise in design, mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, software and systems engineering.

What our customers say…

Jon Partridge. RS Electric

We ordered the RAD 40 while still in development as we saw its potential and wanted our boats to be one of the early adopters of this revolutionary propulsion system.

Bob Stephens. Stephens Waring Design

RAD impressed us with their expert engineering knowledge and attention to detail. The RAD 40 with its standout design makes it the ideal choice for our high spec boat.

Sarah Fear. Plymouth University

As a partner, RAD epitomise our values and are passionate about harnessing new technology to make a lasting and positive impact on the marine environment.

Passion. Expertise. Excellence.

RAD was established by a team of UK engineers and tech entrepreneurs. Our aim is to cut carbon emissions in the maritime industry by making products quieter, smarter and easier to use.

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